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What To Do If The Groom Is Boring And You're Best Man

Self Development : Best Mans Speech

Whilst most people have lots of stories that could be told about them, there are some grooms who are genuinely shy and embarrass easily, and those that have simply never done anything outrageous.

If he won't get drunk on his stag weekend, for instance, then this is the sort of guy that you might have problems finding enough stories to tell about.

So what can you do if you have exhausted every avenue?

Well, in this case, ask the parents for a childhood story.

And then do the unthinkable - embellish a real story and make it up a little as to what the groom did.

This is the only way as you have to have a couple of juicy stories about him in there so by all means regale some tall story - as long as it gets a laugh it doesn't matter, only you and the groom will know whether it is true or not!

By: Fred

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