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What To Do If You Fall In Love With A Friend

Relationships : Friendships

Sometimes people fall in love with their friends. It can be messy and is usually quite an awkward situation, but the reality is that - it does happen.

If this happens to you and you find yourself falling then what can you do?

The unpractical answer but the one to try first is to break contact a little bit so that you don't see them all the time and fuel the feelings. This may be hard as it is because you like them that you want to see them so much, but keeping distance for a while can help to lessen the feelings.

Also busy yourself with your other friends and social interests.

If this doesn't work, then consider honestly if the friend knows how you feel or even may have similar feelings. If so then you could consider discussing it with them.

If it is one sided then you just have to be very strong minded, self disciplined, and knock the whole thing on the head.

Whilst this can seem difficult it is much harder and more misery inducing to pine over someone for many years to come, potentially, so make that break today!

By: Stephanie

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