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What To Do If Your Lover Becomes Distant

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Sometimes one partner becomes distant and more than they have been before, at any rate.

Naturally we tend to fear the worst, but there could be many reasons for this.

There could be real pressure or problems at work.

There could be problems with a previous relationship or existing friendship.

There may be stress, bad news or even news that they or someone close to them is ill that they have to deal with.

In other words there are many reasons that they may seem distant or quiet that do not mean that the relationship is in trouble.

Therefore when you notice this, approach the matter delicately and with understanding as these may be the reasons for it. If the partner doesn't want to talk about it, then just keep a careful eye and see if their behaviour changes as well.

If they become secretive or moody often or even start working different hours and their routine changes, then it could be symptomatic that there is something else going on.

If so then it may be best to confront them but without emotion as much as possible and get to the root of the problems. If you are wrong then they should say what the real reason is - then it is up to you to work at the relationship if you believe them or cut your losses and leave if you do not.

By: Stephanie

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