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What To Feed Your Hamster

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Water should be available in its cage at all times. Hamsters need a balanced diet, so not too many vegetables or sunflower seeds. They should be fed once a day with fresh pellet hamster food, but seeds, grains, fruit and green veg can be added. Always wash them first though.

Various hamster treats can also be bought. Make sure you dont feed it the same thing each time otherwise it will get bored or even have a food intolerance to it.

Other food you can feed your hamster includes as follows:
- Acorns
- Almonds (shelled)
- Brazil Nuts (shelled)
- Brown toast
- Cashew Nuts
- Cheese
- Chicken (cooked)
- Eggs (boiled or scrambled)
- Hazelnuts (shelled)
- Peanuts
- Potatoes (boiled)
- Prunes
- Raisins
- Sultanas
- Walnuts (shelled)

Never feed your hamster the following otherwise it will make it very ill or kill it:
- Buttercups
- Chocolate
- Garlic
- Onions
- Rabbit Mix (which contains antibiotic ingredients)
- Raw kidney beans
- Sweets, toffees etc

and obviously anything else not recommended by a professional source such as a vet, pet shop or animal expert.

By: Danielle

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You can also feed your hamster:

cucumber(no skin)
choclate buttons from the pet shop

hope this helped :)

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