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What You Need To Be A Model


To be a model, there is no ideal route to success. Anyone who says there is either knows a very well guarded secret, or is selling false hope. As with many things, being in the right place at the right time can be half the route to success - seeing opportunities as and when they come along, and having a face that is 'of the moment' or timeless or unique in someway can help, but often this is a very arbitrary industry to enter indeed.

How to become a model

There are, however, several standard ways that a model can be discovered. These include via sending in photographs, or your portfolio, to modelling agencies - and hopefully getting called in for an interview or a chat and ultimately being signed up. Then there is the possibility of going to an open casting and getting work that way.

Alternatively, perhaps you will approach an agency, or even have an agency approach you as you stand there bored at the bus-stop and one of their talent scouts turns up. There really are a huge number of ways.

Modelling: Physical Requirements

Physically, what do you need to be a female model? Well, if you are under 5ft9, then you will find it very ahrd to get fashion modelling as all the clothes will be designed for those that are taller. You also need to be slim - at least in the mainstream market, though some do look for larger models these days; also you need to be in proportion throughout your body and have what is termed 'good bone structure' though this is subjective.

What model agencies look for

Agencies often look for those with somehow distinctive features in their models, so as to isolate them from the mainstream good looking girl and to create someone who is instantly recognisable, but for all the right reasons.

Again, some of these factors are very subjective, if not all, but they do mean you need to be thick skinned and wanting to enter one of the most superficial industries there are. The rewards can be great, when they come.

By: Stella on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

More fashion model advice

You MUST have the spirit that you can do everything and when someone asks you to show them what you got, don't blow your chance... give your best. But don't overdo it.(",).

Heyaa im 15 and im 5ft 9 and poeple keep telling me a shud be a modle but im scared to take it further is it normal for a company to say no to you?

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