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Why Are Some People So Popular

Relationships : Friendships

There are various reasons why some people are so popular and others, no matter what they do, just aren't.

First off, one important quality is being friendly and smiley. If you are friendly and smiley then at the worst people aren't going to hate you or say bad things about you (or if they do they will feel mean whilst doing it).

However, there is more to it than that.

Being someone interesting and approachable who has things to say is important. If people enjoy your company then they will seek you out. That doesn't mean that you have to be a comedian or a laugh a minute, it could be that you are a good listener and are positive and therefore make people feel better just by being around you.

There are other reasons that people have lots of friends and are popular. One aspect is when you are "cool by association" whereby the friends of someone who is popular receive kudos for that fact.

A final reason is, of course, looks. At school or uni or indeed in life in general if you are considered very attractive by the society you live in then naturally people are going to gravitate towards you and seek out your company.

By: Stacy

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