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Why Comparing Your Relationship To Others Will Cause Misery

Self Development : Relationships

Humans are inherently competitive in many respects.

We compare ourselves to our peers, and by some degree our own happiness is measured by that of others.

The classic example is with regard the technology we have around us in our lives today.

Fifty years ago if someone had some of todays gadgets and accessories they would be deliriously happy. Today, because we all have them, our happiness hasn't increased.

The reason the first person was happier was simply because they had something the rest of society didn't.

The point is that the value of our own relationship isn't increased or decreased by the relationships of others, though we often seem to think this way.

If our friends have a so-called perfect relationship we might question our own and feel miserable if it doesn't come up to the other ideal.

But remember that each relationship is different and unique, and that many people paper over the cracks in their relationship in public.

Therefore comparing your own relationship constantly is a surefire leader to misery and problems. Be happy with your relationship independently of anyone elses.

By: Stephanie

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