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Why Many Diets Are Dangerous And Don't Work

Health And Fitness : Weight Loss

Too many people have a view of diets as almost a form of self-punishment where the goal is to eat nothing at all.

Not only is this very dangerous, it also won't even work! Here's why:

It may come as news to some, but eating is not a pointless exercise. It is primarily there to give the body a supply of essential nutrients it needs to function correctly. Go without these, and your body will suffer as a result.

Some people diet to such an extent on a 'fad diet' that their body does not get enough essential vitamins, protein, carbohydrate and so on.

The effect over a period of time is that their body thinks that food is in short supply, and therefore enters 'survival mode' and slows down their metabolism. In other words they not only endanger their health but also shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to weight loss!

By: Stephanie

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