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Why Study Ethics In Philosophy

Philosophy : Ethics

There are many useful reasons for studying philosophical ethics.

First of all, the subject is interesting to many people, and can provoke some good debate with others, especially if two or more people fall naturally into different camps on major issues.

Secondly of course philosophical debate on ethics can overflow into other elements of your life and guide your thinking and attitudes there.

For instance if a certain viewpoint makes you re-think what is important in life and how you should view future events, then this is quite a significant thing.

For instance, at the moment you may decide to do certain things such as save money as you think that's a good and sensible thing to do, perhaps even the right thing to do.

However, in the future you may not value this at all - and if so, why do it now? Since our values and ethics change over time, then does it make sense to do something now for a future time, because when that time comes we may disagree?

By: Fred

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