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Why You Are Still Single

Relationships : Dating Advice

Of course there are lots of reasons why people are still single. But the most common reason is actually through bad body language, if you are out and about around potential suitors all the time.

Yes - whilst it may seem strange - research has shown that both men and women pick up on body language signs and clues when it comes to building rapport and getting to know someone of the opposite sex.

It's not what you say or how you say it, it is how you use your body to communicate your message to the object of your affections.

So for instance you may well exhibit bad body language if you are nervous, but you might not know about it.

Therefore try to be sure that you are relaxed, and don't use comfort body language or defensive language like folding arms and legs.

If the person you are talking to uses body language also try to mirror a little - for instance lean in when they lean in and so on.

If things aren't going too well, have some humour up your sleeve to drop in. Everyone likes to laugh!

By: Stephanie

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