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Why You Must Read Before Writing A Word

Hobbies : Writing

In order to become a good author, it helps to have read extensively in your chosen genre. This helps you find the right sort of format and length of book and style for the chosen genre - for instance do 1,000 page tomes work best or is the average length 200 pages?

Are there lots of small chapters or just a few longer ones? What sort of style works best; are most heroes male or female, are there loads of supporting characters? Are the plots detailed and full of twists, or quite straightforward but nevertheless fun.

These are all questions that you can find through reading other books. You also get a good idea of the sheer plots that there are out there and can stop you from developing the same plot as someone else yourself accidentally (or something very close to it at least).

Also of course you just generally become more learned the more that you read.

By: Fred

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