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Why You Should Add Variety To Your Jogging

Health And Fitness : Toning Your Body

Jogging is a great form of exercise in terms of the amount of calories you use and the overall body workout you get as a result of doing jogging.

However, it can seem a little repetitive sometimes. This can be overcome by differing your route, but have you ever thought about the terrain?

The chances are that if you live in a town based area, you will generally be running on something like tarmac, and possibly alongside cars and so forth.

However, it has been shown in studies that if you run off road on other types of terrain, then you will actually burn more calories because it requires more energy.

So therefore going 'off road' occasionally will ensure that you work that little bit harder, as well as giving variety. Running on something that is softer like grass means that the body has to work a bit harder to push you forward compared to tarmac.

And everyone lives near a park don't they, so it should be no great hardship. The additional benefit of course of being away from cars and their fumes is that the air should be cleaner and healthier, and particularly if you breathe heavily whilst jogging then air quality is an important factor.

By: Stacy

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