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Work Out Your Bra Size Right First Time

Beauty : Lingerie

A lot of guessing goes on with bra sizes and people do not realise that their sizes can vary a lot during the course of their life due to various facts like changing weight, age, or being pregnant and so on and so forth.

So be sure to measure regularly.

Remember that you need to measure around the body directly under the bust. This will give you the measurement in inches and remember too that if it's even then you add 4 else add 5 to give the bra size.

To get the cup size then you simply measure the fullest part of the bust, and the difference between that and the figure calculated above tells you the cup size.

For instance if there is a difference of 0 inches then it is an A cup, but a difference of 13 inches would be a JJ, and the full range in between.

There are many tables out there which will help you work out which cup you are.

By: Stephanie

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