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How To Write A Persuasive Argument

Education : English

Many times, whether in public speaking, or writing an English essay, you will need to try and persuade others to a particular point of view - usually yours!

How to do this?

The simplest way to write a persuasive argument is to use the following structure which is age old and will be churned out forever:

1 - Bombard with facts
2 - Slip in the opinion you are arguing for

This is how most brochures, literature, magazine articles, journalists work. They will present several facts in 'support' of their case, and then add in their opinion. The facts are supposed to loosen you up to the opinion as they are supposed to follow one from the other.

This is an excellent way of supporting your case and persuading others, as even if the opinion does not follow it can be difficult to see and argue against!

By: Chris

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