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How To Write Your Career History On Your CV

Career : CV

The career history is one of the most important elements of any CV since at the end of the day what you will be doing is working with the new company, and therefore your work life and what you have achieved with it in the past are really very important!

So, when it comes to all things work related how should you lay it out?

The key thing is to write more about the most recent jobs, and less or nothing about older jobs.

Also you need to make it clear that you are doing more impressive things, a larger job, and probably with a larger pay packet as you move to the current day.

Therefore write your career history is reverse chronological history, and make the most recent career achievements sound better, bigger and brighter than those before - without diminishing how proud you are of your past achievements.

This shows a good and healthy career progression which will be attractive to a new employer as it shows you develop and get better with each role that you take on - and that's just what they are looking for.

By: Fred

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