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Kakuro Rules

If you read our introduction to Kakuro you now know what the game is.

But how do you play kakuro? It's simple to understand, here are the rules:

Each grid has a starting position like that of a crossword, containing blacked out squares and white squares. You need to fill in the blank (white) squares with a number from 1 to 9, but each run of numbers (an answer) can only contain each number once.

Each puzzle has horizontal and vertical lines, which contain a certain number of blank squares, depending on the layout and size of the grid you are playing.

The aim is to enter digits in each answer that sum to the total stated for that answer on the grid. A number in the bottom half of a box gives a downwards total, and in the top half refers to a horizontal total.

If you have ever played Arrowwords puzzles, you will be familiar with this concept.

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