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There are lots of things that don't fit in any particular box. And that's where this miscellaneous section comes in. In fact this section has more articles than most others on the site because so much just didn't fit neatly elsewhere!

So whether you want to know how to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble to idea for halloween or going fishing or even where to find celebrities out and about, there is sure to be something of interest here. This section repays the interest of browsing through the various pages of articles and there are some real little gems hidden away that you are sure to find absorbing.

How To Pull Your Shopping Trolley
...and stop any static problems!

How To Put A Quilt Cover On Easily
Use clothes pegs

How To Record Babies Moves Forever
Another option for remembering baby...

How To Recycle Rubber Gloves
Follow this tip...

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Appliances
De-scale the kettle for a start...

How To Reduce Your Appetite, Impress People, Reduce Fridge Costs, Remove Stress
the joys of laughter!

How To Relax
remember to breathe properly...

How To Remember The Compass Points
Use this simple method...

How To Remember Things
What to do...

How To Remember Where Your Keys Are
Close your eyes and visualise...

How To Remove A Tight Lid
Wrap it in rubber

How To Remove Superglue
use very hot soapy water

How To Remove Tight Bottle Tops
use a rubber band and...

How To Repair A Book
Egg white and flour to the rescue!

How To Repair A Mis-shapen Lid
place over a saucepan of boiling water

How To Return Goods
Follow this checklist first...

How To Save On Your Shopping
Always check the bill in detail...

How To Save Queueing At A Theme Park
Use this piece of psychology to help...

How To Save Time Bed-making!
a real time saving tip

How To Scare Trick Or Treaters
Time to get your own back...

How To Send A Parcel
wet the string, because...

How To Set Rules For Your Children
Children should be set rules and boundaries early...

How To Settle Your Stomach
If you have a minor stomach complaint or ailment, then there is one thing that is sure to help. And that is spearmint. Whether in a chew, gum or popular...

How To Shop Safely
It is a sad fact that we have to think about safety and being safe every day, but it is just a fact of life. There are several common sense things you can...

How To Sign Cheques
place card underneath

How To Spend Less Time On The Computer
Computers can be really addictive and you can often spend hours on end playing games, or chatting online, that you dont realise where the time has gone....

How To Spot Fake Designer Goods
You can tell if watches are fake, by the price. If its very low then its unlikely to be real. A Rolex for example should be fairly heavy, so if its light...

How To Stay Safe In Your Home
A chain and ask for ID...

How To Stop An Allergic Reaction
Allergies can be avoided if you are sensible...

How To Stop Baby Wipes Drying Out
Store them upside down...

How To Stop Bins Smelling Horrible
We have all had the problem with smelly bins, and particularly in the UK with more and more councils cutting costs by reducing the number of collections...

How To Stop Loose Threads
make loose threads a thing of the past

How To Stop Objects Scratching The Table
The annoying thing with many objects like ashtrays and other items that you put on tables is that when they are moved and even if they aren't they seem to have...

How To Stop Photos Falling Over
When it comes to photos, we have all seen them fall over from time to time because they are unstable, and this can lead to cracked glass, lots of hard work...

How To Stop Pickpockets
You hear 'pickpocket' and what do you do?

How To Stop Sellotape Problems
Stop the sellotape problem with paper!

How To Stop Smelly Feet
Lightweight socks might help...

How To Stop The Bathroom Mirror Steaming Up
use shaving foam

How To Stop Windscreen Cracks Growing
If you have a small crack in your windscreen then you should straight away get it taken to a garage to be repaired by a professional because this is the best...

How To Stop Your Children Seeing Strangers
use a password system

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