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Kitchen Cleaning

How To Make Cleaning Up After Baking A Breeze
Before starting a baking session, fill the kitchen sink with hot soapy water. As you use each utensil, bowl, etc., just drop it into the sink to let it soak...

How To Remove A Stain From Marble
Bleach bleach and more bleach

How To Remove Burnt Food From A Saucepan
Dishwasher powder to the rescue!

How To Remove Coffee Stains
Damp clothes and salt

How To Remove Remove Cooked On Food From A Pan
The enzymes are the key here...

How To Remove Scuff Marks
Scuff marks can be removed...

How To Remove Stains
Baby oil to the rescue!

How To Remove Stains From A Thermos Flask
Steradent it

How To Remove Stale Smells
The joys of baking soda...

How To Stop Fridge Odour
This should remove the smell...

How To Stop The Fridge Smelling
All about tea...

Keep Your Fridge Clean And Safe
Clean your fridge on a weekly basis. Do this by spraying with disinfectant, scrub then repeat. Don't over do it though, otherwise you food may have a ammonia...

Removing Limescale From Taps
If you live in a hard water area anywhere in the world then you will have problem with limescale. This is a chemical that builds up in the water from the...

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