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Shannon has been a member since: Sun, Jan 18th 2009
Age: 13
Username: Shannon
About Shannon: Hi, i'm 13, and I have spots on my face, on my forehead mostly, my cheeks and sometimes on my chin + I HATE them, I don't get bullied at school or anything like that for them, because my make-up hides them,; I always wear powder, conceler, lipgloss, mascara and eye-shadow, but powder + conceler arn't the problems that causes my spots, ... My brother calls me because at home I don't wear make-up when I stay in + I hate it, I eat a lot of chocolate, I sometimes get sugar spots but squeeze them because I'm tempted, I have used Clearasil before and it doesn't work AT ALL!!! ... I use wipes and they don't work, and I mousterise my skin, and use NIVEA ... Please tell me what is best to get rid of these spots (I HAVE A PHOBIA OF TABLETS!!!) .. They are red, and I pick at them, and I get ones underneath my skin too, their really disgusting because all of my friends have clear skin and it looks like they wear lots more make-up than me, I seem to be the only person in my class who have spots ...the boys don't say anything to me though and I am ok with that now because I know they wouldn't anyway ... PLEASE HELP I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU, YOU WOULD HELP ME SO MUCH THAN ANYBODY ELSE!!! XXXXX
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Favourite website: http://www.shannon.com

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