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How to get a navel piercing

I am planning on getting a navel piercing soon and I was wondering if u can go swimming. But then I have read in magazines that you are not suppose to some of my friends says that going to the beach actually speeds the healing process. So what do I do? Also is there a certain size for the piercing that you have to use?

Question From: Nelly - May 23rd 2005


Salt water is good for helping to heal in general and prevent infection.

However the swimming pool water contains chlorine and this may irritate the skin around the piercing.

For best advice talk to the people that will carry out the piercing - they should be able to give you an expert opinion on aftercare and what is it a good idea to do, and not to do, after having your navel pierced.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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