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How to help your skin heal after piercing

I'm a black girl and I've had my naval piercing for about 4 months now. Around the area were the piercing went in the skin around the hole is a lot darker than the rest of my belly, but the area where the peircing exited there is no discoloration. How do I get the area around the peircing to go back to my original color, or will that discoloration stay there?

Question From: Mitzi A. - Mar 3rd 2005


I have the same problem. I am also an African American and have recently gotten my navel pierced a mth ago. The top part of my navel has a keloid scar under the top part(ball) of my ring, and the hole underneath seems to be fine....but it's slowly coloring to a pinkish tint. I'm worried too!.

Reply From: NeNe - May 5th 2005

If in any doubt about the health of a piercing then either consult your doctor or go back to the people that pierced it for advice.

Note that if infection occurs then consult the doctor to see the best course of action.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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