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How to kiss a guy

Kissing a guy - I know this sounds silly, but please can you let me know the best way to kiss a guy?

Question From: Diamond - Aug 10th 2003


Three words: JUST DO IT! tilt your head to the side, and move in closer to his mouth and JUST KISS! once you start, its hard to stop..

Reply From: Heather - Oct 6th 2003

I had this amazing kiss over a year ago now, it has stayed with me all this time! It was the passion in it that made it so fantastic. I always say that it has to come from both people to make it a good kiss, dont let the other person do all the work, but dont completly take over! Thats my answer! Good luck, it will be fantastic to you wotever you do if it is with a good guy! .

Reply From: Charlie - Feb 12th 2004

I dont how to kiss i think it will come naturally!!!!!!.

Reply From: Sexy - Feb 13th 2004

U sound like u really like this guy! And iz desparate 2 kiss him. just relax and be yourself. Just go along with da flow and make sure u no which way hes turnin his head so u can go da opposite then just KISS!!! When u do u'll feel on top of the world and want 2 doit again and when u do make sure u follow da rules!!! GD LUCK AND I BET U'LL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!.

Reply From: Fun And Free - May 10th 2004

Hello u could not look at a guy u like he should come to u dont come to him and the thing he will kiss u if u wash ur face bush ur teeth where nice cloth and he will come to u

Reply From: Abigail - Jul 11th 2005

Just so you know, I just kissed my guy today(ha, brag, brag), so I know what I'm talking about, though this only works if you are very confident in yourself.
Look him straight in the eyes. Tilt your head (right or left, doesn't matter) and lean in closer. While you're getting closer, start watching his lips the whole time. When your lips touch his, leave them there for 2 seconds, then move to his lower lip and start sucking on it gently, but don't bite! From then on, it is pretty much natural. If you want to go for a French, open your lips a little and trace his lips with your tongue. If he opens his lips, then great, you're in! Don't stick your tongue in really far, just lightly touch his tongue with the tip of yours and sort of 'explore' the inside of his mouth, but keep close to the front of it. If he doesn't open his mouth, go back to a regular kiss and act like nothing happened. I hope this helps!

Reply From: Kate Sabo - Dec 17th 2006

Kiss gently at first, with a closed mouth and dry lips (but not cracked-dry). Also kiss his eyebrows and the sensitive spot just under his ear. Make him and yourself wait for an open-mouth kiss -- then it is much more exciting. When tongue-kissing with an open mouth, don't allow your tongue to be too wet -- it puts lovers off to have your saliva dripping off their chin!

Reply From: Tessa Farnsworth - Sep 11th 2009

K I just kissed my new boyfriend for the first time last night! :) it was amazing, and all I could ever ask for. We were alone! and we looked deep into eachothers eyes and he leaned back from a hug without leaving the hug and he looks at me tilts his head and leans in we both close out eyes and we kissed!!!!! once we both felt we were done we hugged and went back to the group of people we were with! It was amazing! <3 GOOD LUCK i hope I helped with something! :)

Reply From: Sarah - Jan 9th 2011

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