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Piercing Belly Button Lump

i had my belly button pierced a week ago and up until 2 days ago, it was just pink and a little sore, as all piercings are when they heal. but now, the skin surrounding my piercing is hard, like a lump. i would guess scar tissue, but its way too early for that to occur. if i put two fingers, one on top and one in my belly button, on either side of the piercings and pinch, the skin feels really dense and itchy. besides the itching, there's no pain. any ideas?

Question From: skyler - Jan 25th 2009


I have had my belly button pierced for around 2 weeks now.
It hurt at first and i have no pain at all now!
it is a little red and a little crusty.
I think you may be starting with an infection although when i squeeze mine it feels like a stinging pain and feels like a little ball is inside of it.
go back to where you had it done and ask them if it is normal. if you want to contact me get hold of em on lozie_lou_@hotmail.co.uk

Reply From: Lauren - Jun 1st 2009

It's not a infection it's just at thed healing process. I have mine done . You should get a pinch of sea salt in warm water(almost hot) and leave the cup on for 2-5minutes. you can even use tee tree oil it will stop that discharge from happening. if you have any more questions you can ask me on my email adress thanks for reding:) hope the piercing goes good.

Reply From: Mandy - Dec 23rd 2009

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