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Removing hair dye

How can I remove old hair dye stains from my bathroom carpet?

Question From: Nicky - May 9th 2004


Did you ever discover a way - i have loads of hair dye on my carpet to and really need to remove it.......

Reply From: Jennie - Jul 8th 2004

Removing hair dye from carpets can be tricky. Here are some tips.

First up try to treat as soon as stain occurs!

Use water and a sponge or absorbent to remove loose running dye first.

Once that is done, use some warm water and biological detergent and leave to soak overnight.

Once that is done, then wash as normal.

This should help to remove the stain from the hair dye.

You could even try using shampoo rubbed in to the carpet and see if that shifts the hair dye too.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 9th 2006

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