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How to solve puzzles with hard grids

Do you have any tips on how to go about solving a hard grid?

Question From: Dan - Jul 1st 2005


Further to my previous message, I have found some useful strategy tips here:

Reply From: Dan - Jul 1st 2005

Solving sudoku is normally just a matter of lots of cross referencing and being organised.

That is noting down when there are only one or more combinations.

You can log the value in each row at the end of a row and in each column at the bottom of each column.

Then cross off as you go through. Similarly keep a record for the values of each possible 3 x 3 square.

This way it is easy to spot deductions when they crop up rather than going through the grid again each time.

To play lots of sudoku online check out http://www.saidwhat.co.uk/puzzleclub

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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