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How to tell someone you like them

hey well i liked this guy that is in my class and i liked him since the beginning of school and i told him that i liked him and now he know i do and now he keeps on looking at me weird so yeah

byue beys

Question From: Krystal - Apr 14th 2005


I also like someone, from the start of school, and i told her i liked her, and she kind of blushed, so i thaught she liked me to! But, today (May 25,2005), one of her freinds, asked her to for me (i didnt even ask), and the friend siad im not her type, but im thinking she lied! but, i am really scared to ask her out, directly, maybe soon i will! Hope you do the same! -ET.

Reply From: ET - May 25th 2005

If the guy starts acting weird around you when you asked him out then it means that he's not interested but just didn't know how to say so - sorry!

Chalk up to experience and move on. If he did like you he would make it obvious and make his move on you. If you ask someone out or tell them that you like them but nothing happens it definitely means 100% that they just aren't interested!

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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