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What to do if your friend falls in love with you

well...herez my issue..I have this friend who is really close to me...I like him and trust him and consider him a reallly good friend...am currently involved with a guy with whom its not gonna work out and trying to break up and end it....and I discuss even this issue with my friend...and he advices me on it too..he also discusses his issues with me and he is looking for a girl to get married and tells me about the girls he is talking to etc. But the issue is...all my other friends say ..this friend has feelings for me and want to be with me and marry me.....they tell me they see it ...but all I see is a good friend for whom I am glad is in my life and wish he stays friends for long......I expect/hav nothing more for him.Cud what my other friends say be possible? if so, how can I find this out?

Question From: Angel - Oct 31st 2005


If it is true that your friend has feelings for you, there is two ways to handel it. if you dont have feelings for him then just leave it there. dont ask him anything as it will ruin you friendship in the future. if you have a little bit of feelings for him then you must be more in his company. if he likes you as your friends claim then he will show you signs like, he will be alot quieter when you are with other guys. he will like being in you presence, when you ask him "why dont you take that girl she is so beautifull and will suit you great" then he will look at you in a sad way and answer you "no it is not my type, or no i dont want her etc." dont ask him if he has feelings for you. he will not be honest. and he will feel humiliated and then you will never find out if he likes you or not. hope my advice will work for you!!!

Reply From: Rucaverney - Dec 28th 2005

Be honest with him and tell him that you are clearly just friends and you are really pleased to have him as a friend.

You don't want any grey areas as it can ruin your friendship for both of you which would be a real shame.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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