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No man is an island - or so said John Dunne. And in the highly-connected world in which we now live, this means that we are all part of various relationships, whether they be with family, friends or husbands and wives.

Relationships can also be notoriously complicated and drive a person from elation to despair in a matter of minutes. There are also lots of new types of relationships these days and ways of meeting others, such as online dating. For those who are looking for a partner, or are looking for relationship hints, tips and advice, there are a range of detailed articles in our categories here that can help.

So whether you need dating ideas, information on chat-up lines, to ways of managing expectations in a relationship and keeping it strong over the years, you are sure to find some interesting relationship information here.

Family relationships can be hard to maintain, and often break down. Here are hints and tips on repairing relationships, or keeping them healthy.

Dating Advice
Hints and tips on navigating the dating minefield without going mad with frustration!

A great friendship needs to be worked at, but can last for life. Here are some hints and tips on friendship.

General useful information for teenagers

Finding Love
Tips on finding love later in life...

Relationship Advice
Tips on keeping your relationships healthy...

Hints, tips and ideas on how to be romantic...

Online Dating
Tips and hints on successful online dating...

Star Signs And Astrology
Descriptions of the personalities of people in each star sign and how to identify members of each sign...

The Zodiac And Love
Information on relationships with members of different Zodiac signs - their attitude to relationships and which combinations work well...

Finding The Right Man For You
Want Mr Right but always end up with Mr Wrong? Here's my tips for you!

Information on marriage, and working at your relationship before, during and maybe even after marriage!

Speed Dating
If you are interested in speed dating, here's out set of articles about this growing phenomenon...

Family Holidays
Love them or hate them, we all have family holidays... here's how to deal with them!

Running A Home
Tips on running the home, managing the family unit and so on...

Are you in love? Does anyone really \'fall in love\'? Info on this and more!

New Relationships
Information on new relationships...

Where To Go On A Date
Ideas for date locations and planning of dates

Romance And Marriage
Information on keeping a marriage romantic...