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50 Most Popular Questions

Here are the fifty most frequently asked and read questions on Tell Me How:

Toothpaste And Spots

How To Kiss A Guy
Kissing a guy - I know this sounds silly, but please can you let me know the best way to kiss a guy?

Remove Blackheads
Is there a natural way to get rid of blackheads on my nose?

How To Stop Blackheads
i have zillions of blackheads on my nose. u can see them even within 10 feet distance. What can i do about it?

How To Remove Fake Tan
I have used fake tan and it looks terrible i need to remove it, i have tried bleach, surgical spirit, nail polish remover, vinegar and lemon juice...

How To Get Rid Of Spots Without Cosmetics
I have spots all over my face, so what can i do to get rid of them, without buying any spot products!!

How To Get Smokey Sexy Eyes
What are the differences between a smokey eyes and raccoon eyes? And how to create the sexy smokey eyes look?

How To Cover Up Spots
i have got this really big spot on my nose i have tried toothpaste and it doesnt work.Sum1 sed TCP but i dnt know if that will...

Superglue And Plastic
How do I remove superglue from plastic?

Tummy Trimming Exercise
Concerning the article about toning your stomach. When I lay down and lift my head just a little my stomach looks like a hug football. The Dr says...

Remove Biro Stains
how do you remove a biro ink stain from the leather seat of a car?

How To Tell Someone You Like Them
hey well i liked this guy that is in my class and i liked him since the beginning of school and i told him that i liked him and now he know i do and...

How To Treat A Spotty Back
how can i get rid of blackheads which are on my back?

Remove Blackcurrant Stains
how do I remove blackcurrant stains from a cream carpet? I've already tried vanish!

Remove Pollen Stains
How do I remove a lily pollen stain from my carpet? I have already wet it and so cannot brush away now....

Remove Fake Tan From Hands
I forgot to wash my hands after using fake tan. Is there any thing I can use?

Remove Superglue From Clothes
How do I remove superglue from clothing, like pants?

Eye Modelling
i have big brown eyes and have been told endlessly that i should model eye make-up. But however how do i find out about how to get into it?

Remove Oil Stains From Clothes
How can a person remove oil stains from thier clothing?

White Iodine
where to buy white iodine, and could it get rid of marks on your legs?

How To Remove Blemishes
hiya i am really depressed i have got a cut its on the right side of my mouth and before it turned into a scab it was a pimple it is very painful and...

How To Remove Printing Ink
How can I remove printer's ink from my skin?

How To Remove Burnt Stains
How do I remove really burnt on stains from a stainless steel cooker hob.

Nail Polish And Clothes
How to get nail polish out of clothes

How To Remove Biro Stains
Hi some-one scribbled over my jacket at work with biro - how can i get it out?

How To Remove Steel Scratches
How do I remove fine scratches from stainless steel?

How To Make Spots Disappear Quickly
Do you have a spot and you are finding it difficult to get rid of or after you have squeezed it the redness is still there. Try SUDOCREME, it reduces...

What's That Sound In The Loft
I have mice in the loft and wondered if poison would do the job? And do you have to collect the bodies afterwards or can you leave them to...

How To Treat Dry And Flakey Skin
i have loads of spots in the t zone area so i tried washing my face with soap and water but my skin just became dry and flakey.

How To Hide Facial Scars
what if spots turns to scar? how to remove it or does will it be on your face forever? please do reply this as soon as possible. i need to know it

Does Germolene Kill Spots?
Hiya all! Right, ive got tons of spots and blackheads and they always go red if I mess with them, I tried using toothpaste but it makes it...

How To Remove Ink From Cushions
how do i get ink out of my couch cushion ?

How To Remove Super Glue
how do i remove super glue from my hair?

Remove Ink From White Clothes
How do you remove ink marks from WHITE clothing?

How To Remove Nail Polish From Skin
How do I get red nail polish off my 3 year old daughters skin??

How To Use Eyeliner And Eye Pencil
For liquid eyeliner, when I put it on my bottom lid, strings of it get into my eye. Are you supposed to put liquid liner on the bottom lash line or...

How To Get Your Ex Back
how i could get my exboyfriend get to like me again even if he messing with someone else i want his attention.

Removing Candle Wax
How do you clean candle wax off a glass table without scraping it with a knife?

Carpet Stains
How do I get Biro Ink out from a biege carpet?

Remove Hyperpigmentation
Can please tell me some tips to remove hyperpigmentation?

How To Get Rid Of Spots Cheaply
i have got spots and blackheads and i really want to get rid of them but for free because i aint got that much money so has anyone got any...

Do They Like Me?
I really want to know how to find out if someone likes me - is the advice going to work for me, and how can I tell if someone likes me?

Eyeliner Help Applying
wer do u apply the eye liner :S??

How To Get Your Dream Date
how to get someone that i fancy?

Remove Superglue From A Sofa
How do I remove superglue from a leather sofa?

Removing Acrylic Paint From Carpets
How do i remove acrylic craft paint from berber carpet?

How To Remove Sellotape
How can I remove sticky sellotape residue from glass or steel?

How To Heal A Piercing
I recently took out my piercing for the first time after having it in for two years. I got bored with it and want it to heal back up. Is there any...

Navel Piercing
I got my navel pierced three days ago and inbetween my piercing my skin has become really red and swolen. i am quite concerned about it as i dont...

Clean Candle Wax
How do you remove candle wax from clothes?