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Questions and Answers: Science

Welcome to Science Questions and Answers.

The sub-categories are:

biology | cycles | fungus and mushrooms | miscellaneous science | science definitions | science homework | space | temperature | the mind | the weather | waves

Top questions in this category:

Why do we need oxygen?
Advantages and disadvantages of waves.
Are other animals self aware?
Are vampire bats dangerous?
At what temperature does something become a superconductor?
Bloood pressure
Cell membrane
Charles law
Could we use our mind power to do unbelievable things eg.breaking a glass from remote,etc?
Define inetic theory and relate it to the tree states of matter?
Do some people really have ESP (extra sensory power)?
Have any spaceships ever visited earth?
How are fossils formed?
How could the acid rain problem in britain affect people in norway?
How did life start on earth?
How do clouds form?
How do clouds form?
How do glow-worms glow?
How do you convert from fahrenheit to celsius?
How do you increase surface area for a given volume?
How does gravity work
How does lightning occur?
How many kinds of atom are there in a lump of copper?
How many kinds of atoms is there in a lump of copper?
How many moons does Jupiter have?
How many moons does saturn have?
How much do we know about the brain?
How much time does a tranquilizer takes to take out a man??
How old is the universe?
How to find out the biochemical composition of prawn or shrimp
I have a question given that enzymes are made of proteins, would it be fair to describe lysosomes as a type of vesicle?
If you are in an aircraft and can't see out how do you know if you change speed?
Is mind reading proved possible?
Is the mind the same as the brain?
Is there life on Mars?
Look for a small animal
Measuring the density of water
Rna polymerase
Stages of growth of a moth
The tea solution is that efhf how do you get the brown out of tea solution
The value of g is maximum at
What actually is temperature?
What are pterodactyls?
What are the three co-ordinates on a graph to record 3D movement?
What are tropims
What causes colour blindness?
What causes the Northern lights?
What copper is copper sulphate?
What do plasma cells do
What does 'albedo' mean?
What does E = MC2 refer to?
What does science have to do with journalists?
What does species mean?
What does the kelvin scale measure?
What drug or chemical can pass thru the plasma membrane and how does it go thru the membrane or use a specialized protein other than oxygen, co2,glycerol,water or alchol?
What happens if the plasma membrane breaks down?
What happens to the temperature of A body if the weight of that body is reduced
What is a microwave?
What is a mixture?
What is a rainbow?
What is a rock cycle?
What is a solarium?
What is absolute zero?
What is another name for rare earth metals
What is celsius?
What is consciousness?
What is cryogenics?
What is fahrenheit?
What is Fermi's paradox?
What is pinwheel galaxy
What is the asthenosphere?
What is the coldest possible temperature?
What is the coldest temperature recorded on earth?
What is the Coriolis effect?
What is the earth made of?
What is the enzyme that divide sucrose into glucose and fructose
What is the Fermi Paradox?
What is the hottest possible temperature?
What is the hottest temperature recorded on earth?
What is the largest animal?
What is the mind body problem?
What is the normal human temperature?
What is the philosopher's stone?
What is the principle behind the working of stirling engine?
What is the speed of light?
What killed the dinosaurs?
Where does the water on earth come from?
Which animal develops completely inside its parents body
Which nation generates about 5000 MW power the excess of which would be imported by India?
Which of these fungal structure are structurally and functionally most alike?

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