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Play Games

Welcome to the Games section of Tell Me How. We have a selection of fun games for you to play online right now! Simply choose your desired game from the list below - and prepare to have some fun along the way!

Everyone has played the classic game snake on their mobile at some stage. Well, now you can play Snake on your computer, too:
Play Snake Now

Remember the classic Ping Pong game back in the days when you loaded games off tape and the like? Well, prepare to waste a lot of time because you can now play the addictive game here:
Play Pong Now

Here is another game that needs little or no introduction - the game that single handedly made the Gameboy such a smash hit, it's Tetris!
Play Tetris Now

Here's a very simple but addictive challenge - how quickly can you respond to the changing colour? See how quickly you can press your mouse with the Response Challenge game.