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Aquarius Attitude To Relationships

Relationships : The Zodiac And Love

Aquarius and relationships characteristics? Where to start!

They tend to have a great sense of humour first off, so that is very important in a relationship and can make the tough times bearable and when you are in a bad mood this can also cheer you up, so their sense of humour is definitely a positive, as everyone likes someone in a relationship that can make them laugh don't they!

When it comes to relationships, they yearn the satisfaction of a deep relationship where both partners give something to the other, so if you are both strongly attracted to each other, then the relationship can be great.

They can also be a little bit unpredictable and even a bit eccentric at times. This is a double edged sword and can be really exciting, whilst at the same time some will find it a bit difficult to cope with at some times.

The relationship characteristics and personality traits of the Aquarian in love, overall, are in the positive, and their humour and positive outlook will usually mean that most problems in relationships can be overcome.

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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