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Arguments Against Moral Fictionalism

Philosophy : Ethics

Arguments against moral fictionalism are many.

One popular argument against theories in ethics is whether they feel right, whether they seem to adequately capture our intuitions against ethics.

Therefore one of the most popular arguments is that it doesn't seem to feel right. In other words, when discussing ethics and morality it just doesn't seem like we are discussing a fiction, or a story. In a story there are a set of defined facts, and we can find out the truth of a statement by consulting the book and looking at those facts, or alternatively if something is not stated in the book then the question may not even be coherent.

However morality does not seem to be like that. There is no book we can go to settle disputes absolutely, and it does not seem that the phenomenology of our ethical debate is adequately captured, therefore, by this view of morality as a fiction.

It also feels more concrete than simply a work of fiction. If it is a work of fiction, then we need to explain how it came about, and what impact this has on ethics and our understanding of the subject.

By: Fred

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