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How To Be Happy In Your Job

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To be happy in your job, you need to enjoy what you are doing.

This is one obvious fact but too few people think about this, getting carried away with earnings and raw ambition to stop and think what they enjoy.

This is a mistake since it is much harder to progress in a job that we don't enjoy, than in one that we do.

In order to find out what makes you happy it is quite simple - right down a list of things that you enjoy doing. Perhaps you enjoy organising information, thinking logically.

Or perhaps you really enjoy meeting people and being in a social environment.

Then again, you might prefer a particular discipline like number crunching, or enjoy doing research on your own and don't miss not having other people around.

Write down a list of what makes you happy, and then look for jobs that contain these elements. This is the single, surest way to be happy in your job.

By: Job Expert

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- Thu, Sep 6th 2007

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