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Call Centre Staff

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This is really the front end, and you know that many customers who call will be upset, baffled, confused or annoyed.

To perform this job, you need to be calm under pressure, have a polite telephone manner, and able to respond to enquiries in a polite and efficient manner.

This job really is one all about managine people and hence you must feel comfortable being in constant contact with customers and responding to their enquiries.

You will tend to need good computing skills to master the in house system, you will need to be able to problem solve and perform excellent customer service.

Employment opportunities are good and there is high churn in this sector - people often do not stay in one place for long. Training is usually given on the job or at the start of the job for a couple of weeks.

Prospects include promotion to being a supervisor, or even a manager level - the happy days when you no longer have to deal with customer calls on quite so frequent a basis!

By: Job Expert

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