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How To Care For Hosiery

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The more sheer the tights or stockings you are wearing, the more fragile they are, but you should take care when washing and putting on any kind so as to prolong their wear as long as possible. You can tell how sheer tights and so on are by looking at the "denier" - the lower the number, the more sheer and delicate, which is why we tend to wear higher numbers in the winter or for work. 15 denier and below tends to be more for going out and so on.

The best way to put on a pair of tights, stockings, thigh highs etc is to make sure you have no jewellery or rough nails that could catch the material and ladder it. Also check that your toenails are smooth so that they don't rip it at the toe!

Roll each leg down and place it over your foot, then smoothly pull it up and over your knee and up your thigh. If you are wearing stockings then you should fix the suspender belt at this stage, but if they are tights then pull them up carefully to your waist, making sure that you do not tug too harshly. Check them for any runs or holes. Always make sure the crotch is comfortable.

If you do notice a run but it isn't in an obvious place, then you could get away with using some nail polish to stop it running any further - but bear in mind nail polish doesn't prevent ladders forming. However, if you do apply a bit to a run, make sure it is clear only and don't let it dry onto your leg.

When you wash hosiery in the washing machine, put them in a special bag or a pillow case so as they do not get caught on other items of clothing, like the zip on a pair of jeans and then rip. But only machine wash if the instructions say so - if not then you are safer to hand wash carefully with a mild soap powder.

If you handwash then the best way to wring them out is to roll them in a towel to soak up excess moisture, then drip dry. Never put them in a tumble drier either as the heat can damage the delicate material.

By: Bev Woolfson on Thu, May 16th 2002

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I use hairspray on the runs that aren't visible. It seems to help the runs from spreading. Just be sure to reapply it every time you wash your hose..

I have found out if you wear a pair of soft cotton gloves. You can put your panty hose on with out messing them up. It also works well when you take them off. This also works well when putting on any other sheer clothing. .

I market a brand of hosiery that does not run. Check the website at www.smartlegshosiery.com.

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