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How To Choose A Book On Self Development

Self Development : Success

If you are looking to purchase a book that will help improve some aspect of your life, then you will no doubt realise that there is a large string of authors and books out there.

Invariably they all make great claims and have some random string of letters after their name.

Therefore it can be confusing to decide which author to trust and therefore which book to buy.

Well a good thing to do is to read through the introduction or first chapter. Look for concrete statements, examples, and comments that you can relate to.

The problem with most of these books is that they are full of rubbish and rhetoric that may sound good but is meaningless and has no practical application. For instance, someone might suggest that you "walk between the raindrops"

It might sound profound, but actually what on earth does it mean? Nothing at all. Avoid books that are full of these sort of statements and go for ones with real life examples and real, down to earth and practical advice.

By: Stephanie

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