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How To Choose A Digital Camera

Hobbies : Photography

Digital cameras are all the rage these days, as they are so easy to use, avoid development costs, and you can keep on taking a shot until it's perfect.

Also the quality is getting better and better, so much so you can beat print film now.

Key aspects:

- lens size

Do you want to zoom, or want a fixed lens? Depending on your desired uses, the zoom will give you more flexibility. Optical zoom is the lens itself, digital is done by the software on the camera

- Focus: manual or autofocus

Autofocus is best for most uses unless you want to create professional blur effects and so on

- Size and weight

Other key considerations: most tend to be small and light, ideal for travel

- Megapixels

This is the key consideration. The more the better, as a rule, as this defines a better quality image. In the early days, you'd be grateful for 1 megapixel, but now you should not consider getting a camera with less than about 3 megapixels. The best ones these days will get you up around 8 megapixels, where you're better then even print film.

By: Stephen

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