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How To Design And Sell Your Own Shoes

Business : Small Business Ideas

First of all, draw out some designs of shoes that you would like to put out on the market. They should be realistic, practical and fashionable. Write down the fabrics you would use as well. Add in measurements and any other information needed to the designs.

Think of a name for your business. It should be catchy and appropriate. Clever twists of words are always good, but something simple and short can also do the job. Don't rush into thinking of a name though. Write down all your ideas and maybe put them to your friends and family to pik their favourites.

Design a box for the shoes which will include your business name, logo and name of the show style. Choose a colour scheme as well and make sure you stick to it. Constantly think of the image you want to portray.

Find out about proper business licensing and sort out all the paperwork you need.

Browse the internet to find corporate shoe dealers and contact them selling them your ideas.

Sell your shoes and not your designs.

By: Danielle

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