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Diet Essentials: Breakfast And The Mind

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

Another key to dieting success is to make absolutely sure that you eat breakfast.

Research shows that metabolic rate is 4 - 5% lower in those people who do not have this meal, and therefore even with a low calorie intake you will relatively have less chance of losing weight than someone who eats the same calories but has some of those at breakfast time.

That's because the breakfast meal acts as a kick start to the metabolism for the rest of the day.

You should ensure ensure that you use the mind and your brain sensibly.

One classical thing to do is to remove temptation.

For instance if you eat as a family you may be used to having serving dishes and having 'just one more spoonful' whilst eating from the serving dish.

Rather than having to stop temptation simply remove temptation by serving on individual plates.

In addition try to gradually reduce portion size a little, if done over time you and your body will adjust and losing weight in a sustainable way will be easier to achieve.

By: Fred

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