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Diet Tip: Avoid Alcohol

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

Another useful dieting tip is to make sure that you stay off the alcohol as much as possible.

Remember that a pint of lager - yes, just one - can weigh in at around 200 calories in total - so if you have several pints on a night out then you having half your calorific for the day in pints alone, a scary thought.

Therefore try to cut out as much alcohol as you can. If you have two pints a night (not recommended for other reasons!) then cutting out ten of those would be to remove 2,000 calories from your weekly intake, or save you almost a days calories.

If you do have several drinks then always be sure that you match each beer with an equivalent water, which will help to flush the beer through your body and therefore less calories have time to be absorbed from the beer.

By: Carl

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