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Diet Tips: Eating Pizza

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

There is nothing wrong with eating pizza in moderation and it can be good for you depending on the topics that you have.

And making your own pizza is the ideal way to have a delicious meal that is actually reasonably good for you!

Yes, ensure that you add at least two vegetables for every option you add that is not quite so good for you.

Therefore you get the good stuff from the pizza and also the extra veg should fill you up a bit more so you are less tempted to scoff the entire pizza!

Also with vegetables you take in less fat which is good for you.

A final tip is to get a napkin and to take the oil layer that can glisten on top of a pizza off.

Given it is so calorific then taking all the oil off a slice can save you around 40 calories a slice!!!

By: Carl

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