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Dieting Blunders

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

Here are the worst things to do when dieting.

Missing meals is a very bad idea as you will be more likely to over eat in your next sitting. Little and often throughout the day is best.

Dont skip carbohydrates at meal times as they are filling foods and shouldnt be avoided. They will help you feel full so you should be able to eat less. Just watch your portion sizes.

Fill your plate with vegetables as opposed to say chips.

Increase your exercise levels even if you are on a diet, as this will help keep you healthy and maximise weight loss.

An occasional treat is fine, so say you want pizza one evening then have it but just dont follow with a big tub of ice cream.

Dont diet severely in the long term. A healthy balanced diet includes carbs, sugars and fats as well, but just make sure its in proportion to more healthier foods.

Plan meals in advance and try and cook from scratch where possible. Avoid buying chocolate and crisps for your children as you will probably give in and eat them because they're there.

By: Danielle

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