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How To Drink Coffee Guilt Free

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By hearing this latest news! Essentially many people give coffee a bad press these days - it is a stimulant since it contains caffeine, and it is blamed for many problems that people encounter, little health niggles here and there, and it is often suggested that people stop drinking it when they have the odd problem here and there - or people think that drinking coffee harms your heart etc.,

Well, the reality is that the latest research suggests that there is very little evidence indeed - if any - that drinking coffee in moderation is likely to have any health hazards at all. In fact, it can bring some benefits. It helps you think more quickly, increases energy, can help stabilise or reduce feelings of depression.

So really coffee isn't that bad for you at all - and of course in excess then pretty much everything is bad for you. Drink it moderately and you should be fine - in fact as the research shows it might well actually be better for you than not drinking coffee at all.

By: Dave Poole on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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A very recent study has shown (although more data is needed) that drinking 2 to 3 cups of cofee a day can help prevent Alzheimers by 60%

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