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EBay Emails: Real Or Fake

Money : EBay

If you have any doubt as to whether an email that you receive from eBay is really from them or is fake, then the simplest thing to do is to ignore it, log onto the eBay site, and see if whatever is referred to in the message is true.

Usually a scam will ask you for your account details, but there are other scams out there that will offer you an incentive if you send in your email address, and then as a second part will ask for your details.

Also note that many look official because they seem to have the real eBay address listed.

However, when you click on it it is usually a page that has been created to look similar to the Barclays page, but in reality is sitting on some other server.

Always ensure that the page you are looking at starts with www.ebay.com or www.ebay.co.uk - if there is anything else there then always steer clear.

The best way to be sure is to type in the address yourself and never click through from an email link!

By: Ebay User

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