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Ebay Problems: Item Never Received

Money : EBay

The first process would be to contact the seller. It may be they've been busy or ill and so on.

If you get a reply, give them the benefit of the doubt. If it still doesn't come within a week of them saying it has then been sent, time for action.

What to do? Well, you can contact eBay using the form in the help section. Sometimes this will help, though eBay are often surprisingly reluctant to help out and will just send a non-descript 'try contacting the seller' message a few times, until you contact them enough times that they contact the seller.

Sometimes you will buy an item at a price less than the seller expected it to go for, and they will then disappear into a black hole. This is one of the risks of eBay - if you haven't yet paid for the item then you will find it very hard indeed to get eBay to chase this up for you with the seller.

By: Ebay User

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