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Emotions And Over-eating

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One of the main causes of over-eating can be related to emotions.

There is a well known phrase that is called COMFORT EATING, which refers to when someone eats not due to hunger, but due to wanting to have some comfort from something: perhaps getting over an emotional situation. In a film or TV show the cliche example of this would be someone heart broken after splitting up with their boyfriend, and then diving into a big bowl of ice cream or something similar along those lines!

When it comes to emotions and over-eating, the key thing is to realise BEFORE you start that over-eating WHY you want to eat: that it is not due to hunger, but that it is due to some emotional issue and that eating may either distract you or provide temporary amusement.

Once you realise this, then you then need to take the hard step: discipline yourself to realise the cause of wanting to eat is not that you actually need to eat, and therefore resist temptation.

Substitute it with something else: listening to your music loud and dancing away the stress and strain, or something else that will occupy your time and distract your mind that does not involve eating.

By: Stacy

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