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Falling In Love Requires You To Love Yourself Too

Relationships : Love

Falling in love is something that happens between two people for it to work right.

Too often people think they fall in love with another when in fact it is just an infatuation.

And the more someone loves another the more they want them to love them back, but if it is not there and reciprocal from the start, then forget it.

And equally you need to be secure and happy with yourself to truly fall in love.

If the other person makes you feel great about yourself and you feel great about them too, then this can be the source of true love.

But don't rush it and don't feel that you should feel the same about a new partner as quickly as you did another.

Relationships move at different rates so whilst they can be quick and intense they can also be slow and build over time.

But there is no right way for a relationship to be and comparisons with past loves is the sure fire way to feel miserable.

So ditch those and just concentrate on yourself and your current relationship. If you are happy and 'love yourself' then you never know you might just find love with your current partner!

By: Stephanie

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