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How To Find If Your Partner Is Cheating

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Having doubts as to whether your partner is cheating is never a nice time, and can lead to all sorts of friction and problems in a relationship.

The key is to actually air your concerns as soon as possible. If he or she has been cheating then this gives them a chance to 'fess up and you can discuss the issue before the relationship is over (unless it already is in your or their eyes).

If they say no, then you have to respect and believe them for the sake of saving your relationship, and see if things improve.

If not, then it is probable that even if they are not cheating their feelings have changed and it is time to end that relationship.

Note that you should resist temptation to start reading their notes, text messages and emails as this is the start of a slippery slope and you can end up obsessed with your partner's movements - not at all healthy!

By: Stephanie

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