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Gemini Relationship Compatibility

Relationships : The Zodiac And Love

People under the Gemini sign are very charming and have a good personality, so on the face of it they make attractive relationship material and this is a good characteristic for those looking for love.

They also tend to be quite chatty and good at communication - all the hallmarks of having a good relationship that lasts a long amount of time.

However, the only issue is that they can change their mind quite often and be fickle so sometimes you might not be quite so sure where you stand if they are in one of their moods where they go off on a whim and a fancy.

Their love of good conversation means that when there are issues in relationships they are good at talking them through and discussing them and we all know that communication is good to a long lasting relationship.

However this is balanced with the fact that they can get bored fairly easily and so may get distracted by other people and moving onto another relationship, so this personality trait or characteristic is a little like swings and roundabouts when it comes to relationships!

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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